Services we offer 

If you are facing the uncertainty of an unplanned pregnancy, you do have options.
Pregnancy Advice Sheffield provides free information, confidential advice and support.


Who we are:

We are a group of advisers trained in early pregnancy counselling. We provide information and advice for pregnant women and their families regarding pregnancy and their options.

Pregnancy Advice Sheffield aims to provide quality information to help women in Sheffield to make informed choices.

Our Services:

  • We offer advice for those who have recently discovered they are pregnant and are unsure what to do.
  • Sheffield Pregnancy Advice offers appointments with a trained advisor, giving you plenty of time and space to think through your situation.
  • Women can freely request information about pregnancy, adoption and fetal development at an appointment.
  • We provide a safe-space to talk about the issues that concern you most. Advice is freely available to all, without discrimination.
  • A free limited, non-diagnostic ultrasound scan from a sonographer, qualified in early pregnancy ultrasound.
  • We offer a free pregnancy test for those who think they might be pregnant, but haven’t done a test yet. This is as part of a 30 minute appointment with an advisor. 



Terms and Conditions for ultrasound scans:

i) Pregnancy Advice Sheffield offers a free, limited non-diagnostic ultrasound scan to those who are at least 6 weeks pregnant from LMP (last menstrual period) and no more than 24 weeks pregnant from LMP.

ii) Pregnancy Advice Sheffield is not responsible for your medical and antenatal care.

iii) You cannot have a scan if you have had bleeding and/or severe cramping in the last 7 days before the scan.

Clinical Safety Statement for Diagnostic Ultrasound 2011

If you have any concerns or queries about your pregnancy please contact us by telephone or email.